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Accommodation in Menorca

The urbanization of Cala Blanca, Santandria and Son Carrio, distinguished primarily by the calm we breathe to stroll through its quiet streets and pleasant compared to the bustle and activity in which more developed urban centers and built on the island during the summer. They become a perfect place of refuge and rest, but always near environment, movement and the activity that attracts the heat of summer, which offers accommodation in Menorca you are looking from a wide variety of apartments and hotels located in our developments.

Trade and Services

Together, our developments will find a wide variety of trade and services, willing even along the beaches of Cala Blanca, Santandria, an ideal for those traveling with family and require a close proximity to the amenities offered in our situation conditions. Green spaces, parks, attractions for children, showers, restrooms or surveillance on the beaches among others, are some of the public services you will find in our developments, adding to the advantages and comfort of the shops in Cala Blanca, Santandria and Son Carrio.

Restoration and Gastronomy

Menorca cuisine immerses visitors in a sea of ​​flavors, aromas and surprising nuances, enjoy traditional or avant-garde cuisine always prepared with fresh and seasonal ingredients, blending harmoniously products from fishing, agriculture or local livestock. Immersed in the beauty of our privileged location, local restaurants make local food becomes a feast for the senses. Enjoy the authentic taste of our land, feel the soft summer breeze on the skin or relax with fabulous views and the sound of the sea.

Territory and Tourism

Located just 4 Km south of Ciutadella de Menorca, the enclave of our developments allows easy and quick access to all the charm that keeps the old Town, architecture, monuments, holding the famous festival of Sant Joan and the iconic Harbour Ciutadella. Also deserve the attention of visitors the whole population, megalithic sites, fortresses and imperial buildings, scenery and unique beaches privileged or other corners of Menorca a must, so we offer the best services in transportation and car rental.

Menorca, discover one of the last paradises of the Mediterranean Sea.


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